Basement Ceiling Lighting Ideas

Recessed Lights for Accent Lighting

While recessed lighting fixtures are often thought of as providers of overall, ambient, or task illumination, do not miss them for accent lighting tasks. While smaller models provide illumination that is more focused to display items on the room’s focal point wall standard-issue can lights light the area of the basement living room.

Lighting a Basement Studio or workplace

This basement studio/office unites natural light, track lighting, and pendant lighting to create a bright, comfortable room for both office and creative work. There spill enables daylight to A generous-size window in. Track lighting shoots beams of light on artwork exhibited on wall shelves. At the room’s middle, a drawing table takes advantage of daylight reflected by the walls and ceiling in addition to a fixture suspended over the table. Finally, pendant lighting over the desk provides task lighting for office chores.

Ceiling- and also Wall-Mounted Fixtures

Before turning basements into lovely finished living spaces became popular, few homeowners could have installed a flush-mounted ceiling fixture or even an elegant sconce under ground level. Basement ceilings were often too low–and bare walls also ugly–to even think about using such “upstairs” fixtures under level.

Uplighting Creates an Elegant Ambience

Uplighting involves directing a light source at the ceiling instead of horizontally into the space or down toward the floor. Uplighting creates a calming lighting without glare or shadows.

Multiple Sources of Light

The desk is offset in the window to avoid having to start looking into glaring sunlight while functioning. Florescent tubes supporting a window illuminate the desk; frosted glass diffuses the light. The ceiling above the table not just conceals heat, plumbing, and wiring chases, it houses a quartet of recessed light fixtures and, along the edge of it, a fixture behind a valance that reflects light off the section of ceiling. Uplights on the table add to the ambience–and to the light.

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Recessed Can Lighting

Here, can light all but evaporates into a ceiling above a sitting area, permitting the room’s furnishings, artwork, and show shelving take center stage.

Recessed Miniature Can Lights

A galaxy of recessed miniature can lights shine down on this basement pub. The white light from such fixtures accentuates the stainless-steel bar surfaces, the glassware, the granite countertops, and the glowing wood cabinetry. Each row of lights is about a dimmer switch that is separate, allowing the homeowner to dial in the exact same quantity of illumination needed: bright for celebrations for watching the TV mounted over the 38, or dim.

Pendant Lighting Fixtures

Pendant lighting fixtures fall from the ceiling and also hover over an area that needs illumination. But pendants do more than merely shed area, desk , or light to a dining table. Colors that are glowing and their shapes hang like a functional phone, defining the space.

Quartz-Halogen Track Lighting

Quartz-halogen track lighting excels in focusing a dazzling beam of brilliant light precisely where it’ll have the most impact. In this basement area, that is on cartoonlike shapes of this furniture and poster art and the super-saturated colors. Placed floor lamps on both sides of the sofa provide accent lighting during night hours.


Basement Remodeling Ideas Pictures

Finishing Foundation Walls: Interlocking Panel Systems

Best for: DIYers who want to save labor and floor space

Want a Hung Ceiling to get Plumbing Accessibility?

Ceiling tiles have gotten a massive face-lift in recent years, which means that your basement need not look like a bland boardroom. You are going to need a few inches of headroom to hang the grid; ask the producer.

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Insulate Pipes Before Boxing Them In

While they’re exposed, slip polyurethane insulation sleeves over hot-water pipes to prevent heat loss and above cold-water ones to prevent condensation from dripping on the inside of the drywall or ceiling.

Finishing Foundation Walls: Professional Basement Refinishers

How it’s done: Accredited experts set up a proprietary modular system that combines insulation, finished wall panels, and at times ceilings, flooring, and finishes. Several types are attached to your level track, so they move up. The best is made by Owens Corning.

Better-Looking, Safer Window Wells

Bypass the corrugated steel and move for prefab wells made from fiberglass or a different faux-stone material. Top them with plastic or grates covers to ensure that individuals can not fall in, but make sure that the toppers could be removed by a child to guarantee emergency egress.

Secrets to Success for Construction Basement Walls

Fix moisture issues first, then follow our expert suggestions on methods and materials.

The Layout Puzzle: Where to Begin

A) Put the main socializing area in a place that gets the best natural lighting, to attract people in.

Four Handy Things to Have Around When It’s Done

2. A sign booster so you can make and take calls below level.

Modern Bar Ideas For Basements


Your basement bar can have little epic details integrated, unique details which will grant it authenticity and memory.


It is not only the color though. The frames, the proportions and small particulars, here, the shape of the handles, contribute to turning this into a basement bar notion. Imagine how surprised your guests will be when the doors open to what looks like a cabinet to show an basement bar.


This great basement bar notion is perfect for adding a bit of design to your house. The confined space might have been a disadvantage but rather, it has resulted in a tidy and clear answer. The simple fact that the installation is included like a frame could constrain a photo makes the bar look inviting and very intimate. It is the ideal example for supporting the concept that bigger is not always better.


There are several elements which make this instance brilliant. First of all, there is the combination of substances. Not simply the types but the kind that is right. Using the same dark wood to get the glass facilitates would have looked great as well but by adding material it becomes charming and much more luminous, a third texture. There’s how the bar has been built, not at the middle of the wall but in a special area which marks the place of it and makes it more evident, significant, special. Thirdly, there’s the lighting which makes the whole feel welcoming and welcoming.


It is all about the air which you want to create. After experience the most. Not everybody will notice the shade game or the details but everyone will remember the way.

Basement Bar Designs


You do not need an entire room to match the pub which you have always dreamed of having. Even a small wall is going to do. It is the design that counts more and the way it connects to the rest of the room. By fitting it you are going to make the space feel larger and the pub more interesting.


If the pub itself is not special enough, then it’s possible to make it much more alluring by going for a black layout. It’s still fairly uncommon since it is a slightly unusual thing to 22, and people do not opt for it. Though, for example, Holland nestles many black designs which look 17, it is very subjective. If you are gonna do it, do it choose something special.


Sometimes a drink isn’t enough and you should mix it with another activity like watching a football game or enjoying something. Add a little flavor to your room with a dartboard that is committed area at a better atmosphere.


If you consider it, most people have access to exactly the very same stuff and ideas as possible. The designs can be different of course but if you truly wish to personalize your pub you’ll need to infuse your personality. Something which was created by you invented and, even better.

Best Basement Flooring Ideas

Choose Ceramic Tile for Easy Care

Ceramic tiles laid in groups of four and also set on the diagonal create a checkerboard pattern that visually expands this living area. Ceramic tile can be found in many styles and colours and installs easily over concrete. Make sure to choose tiles fabricated for flooring installation. As a basement flooring material, ceramic tile is durable, low-maintenance, and humidity resistant.

Apply Vinyl Flooring

If you’ve got a straight run of flooring, installation of vinyl should be relatively straightforward. Sheet vinyl is a great option for basement laundry rooms because it’s water-resistant and simple to clean. A diamond pattern similar to this one helps provide the illusion of greater width to the long, narrow area.

Basement Renovations

Get the Look of Parquet using Laminates

Solid-wood parquet is not suitable for basement setup–it’s too easily damaged by moisture–however, you can get the look affordably with prefabricated or laminate parquet.

Insert Color and Pattern with Carpet Tiles

If you want the comfort and warmth of rug without the annoyance of wall-to-wall installation, then elect for self-adhesive carpet tiles. They are easy for DIYers to set up, they do not need a pad underneath, and they can be applied directly to wash dry concrete. Here, carpet tiles in white, brown, and two shades of red have been laid down to make a random checkerboard design that plays up the room’s trendy color scheme. For a less-attention-getting floor covering, utilize a single neutral color.

For the Look of Wood, Try Laminates

Because most kinds of hardwood are not suggested to get below-grade installation, consider laminate floors instead. Laminates consist of a cosmetic image (such as natural wood grain) printed onto paper or other fibrous material, treated with plastic or wax, and secured to a rigid core such as medium-density fiberboard (MDF). Laminates resist moisture and stains and can be installed over concrete or a plywood subfloor. The technology continues to improve, producing ever more realistic imitations of natural materials, which means you can find the look of real wood with no shrinking and warping.

Lay Vinyl Flooring in Mudrooms

Vinyl flooring comes in a wide selection of patterns and colors to suit any decorating style. Contemporary vinyl wears well and cleans up easily, making it a good choice for basement mudroom places. It’s less expensive than most flooring options, averaging approximately $1 to $5 per square foot.

Use Oversize Squares to Expand Space

Most vinyl tiles come in 12×12-inch squares, yet to create the illusion of larger floor space, start looking for 16×16-inch squares. Carpet tiles come in larger sizes (18×18 and 19.7×19.7) so you are able to achieve an even bolder effect and enjoy the heat and texture of carpet as added advantages.

Elect for Easy Care with Vinyl

For a tough, cost-effective basement floor covering, think about vinyl sheet floors. Cushion-backed vinyl sheet flooring glues readily to concrete subfloors and provides an additional measure of comfort over hard concrete slabs. The subfloor must be completely smooth and free of flaws, however, and also the imperfections will eventually show during the flooring.

Seal Concrete Against Moisture

For that hip urban look, leave the concrete in its normal condition. Because concrete is very porous, it will soak up anything that’s spilled on it (think of oil patches on garage flooring). To ensure it is moisture-resistant, seal it with a clear sealer made for use on concrete (check using a home improvement centre).